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Our unique, customer-centric approach to process improvement places equal importance on operations management and work organisation to ensure long-term sustainable change.


OEE Consulting’s unique approach to business process improvement

An alternative customer-centric approach

Process improvement has long been at the heart of many business transformation activities. However we believe it’s often applied too narrowly, with efforts directed solely towards process mapping and simplification. This approach ignores the overall organisational capability to deliver the process, resulting in a lack of sustainability and hugely reduced benefits. With this in mind, we have developed a unique approach that places equal importance on operations management and work organisation.

The OEE difference

Alongside our unique five-element approach, we use structured methodologies including customer journey mapping, business process mapping and SECAR (Simplify, Eliminate, Combine, Automate, Relocate). We also ensure our business processes adhere to BPMN 2.0, the leading international standard in business process documentation.

1. Customer

Research shows that customers want minimum effort when interacting with companies. The more effort required, the less loyal they’ll become. It’s why we place your customer at the heart of our improvement work.

2. Operations Management

The capability, capacity and management of the individuals that perform the process directly affects cost, speed, quality and customer experience. Operations Management is the glue that joins people to the process, technology and customer.

3. Work Organisation

In service businesses, processes operate with a wide variety of demand. The way that work types are segmented and flow between different teams and technologies directly affects performance. The selection of the right work organisation is key to speed and quality.

4. Process Design

Mapping the end-to-end chain of activities that convert customer demand into valuable output identifies waste and areas for improvement. We then develop design options that drive improvement and minimise customer effort.

5. Appropriate Technology

There are increasing opportunities to share data across multiple channels to increase accuracy, speed and productivity. The best implementations require appropriate technology to support the process.


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