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Retail is no stranger to change.

While the sector has always been open to reinvention, the cumulative pressures of technological disruption and exponentially changing consumer behaviour is putting pressure on organisations to re-think traditional routes to market, transform operations, and enhance customer experience.

Challenge accepted

Our belief is that a human experience (HX) lens on this change supports better decision making and greater customer advocacy.

We understand that digital transformation and customer engagement programmes shouldn’t be technology led. Effective self-service, swift contextual responses and empathetic customer experience are now minimum expectations that retailers must deliver to remain competitive in the ecommerce marketplace.

We’ve worked alongside leading retailers, delivering on their strategic ambition to reducing cost and customer contact whilst improving customer experience and colleague engagement.

In one leading retailer, we’ve co-created a model office environment to test innovation in these areas, testing new approaches and rapidly refining before rolling-out to deliver wider benefits.
Even in its relative infancy, this has seen improvements in Net Promoter Score, first contact resolution, as well as an uplift in employee engagement,

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