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Case Study

Building a new banking business.

Rapid operating model development and implementation.

Increase in complaints cases

A UK bank was faced with a significant increase in complaints cases due to regulatory changes. With insufficient capacity to meet demand and a complex process in place, the increased volumes resulted in most cases being resolved by ex-gratia payments without proper review, and also with cases breaching regulatory response times.

To increase capacity, a ‘brown field’ site (a recently decommissioned building) was identified for rapid operational mobilisation.  Early scoping identified a number of significant issues, including limited senior management availability, mixed 3rd-party supplier contracts, poor permanent staff motivation and variable training, scarce process experts, poor systems capability and imminent process and system changes.

Operating model redesign

A site operating model design and implementation plan were developed that included a complete redesign and resizing of team structures, creation of effective operations management practices within teams.

End-to-end process management, quality management systems, as well as planning for increased capacity across the site were also reviewed.

Whilst rapid action was the priority, it was important that all changes were sufficiently risk-assessed and their performance impacts understood. In particular, continuity of leadership was key when team manager start dates did not match that of their teams.  Existing resources and temporary solutions were employed to ensure smooth capacity increase and achievement of operational targets.

The delivery of the project faced a number of serious challenges including IT system constraints, technical modifications and the limited availability of new resources. Training and competency plans were a particular challenge, requiring regular adjustment of the overall schedule. Short-interval monitoring of progress was used to ensure all internal staff and 3rd-party suppliers kept to their quality and capacity commitments. Pilots were used to test models prior to deployment in order to mitigate risks and to ensure quality performance within targeted timescales.

Functioning operation with +840 FTEs

Within 5 months the site had changed from an empty building to a fully-functioning operation with the equivalent of 840 full-time staff. All targets were met and all expected benefits either achieved or exceeded.

Case Study_Building a new banking business.

With the new operating model design, all quality targets were fully delivered through improvement of staff capability, rigorous in-process performance management, rapid feedback loops and structured problem solving.

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