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Designing the future

Please note this article was published before OEE Consulting and gobeyond joined forces to become Gobeyond Partners.

From customer journeys to operating models, propositions to processes, we think design is crucial to business success. As an organisation founded in implementation we have been working increasingly in design – with recent projects achieving sector-leading NPS scores.

To celebrate and underscore our design-led approach we held an exclusive event at the Design Museum on 17th October for senior business leaders.

Our co-host for the evening was Melissa Rancourt, the Academic Director in Strategic Design and Management at the Parsons School of Design which is based in New York and Paris.

Over drinks, dinner and a private tour of a Design Museum exhibition, conversation covered:

  • Immersive experiences – considering every element of your customer experience, with design covering not just the product, but the entire experience surrounding its selection and purchase
  • Cross-sector insight – the benefits of looking across industries
  • Co-creation – how stakeholders from across your organisation and different levels of seniority spark new approaches when working together
  • Creative use of data – using different data trends for your company, or industry, to your benefit
  • Courage – listening to your customers, and then boldly project what their needs may be in the future

Why take the time to consider this? We think the greatest competition to your marketplace could be invisible, an entirely new approach from an unknown quarter. It is time to flip orthodoxies on their head, take a fresh look at your business, and start disrupting your own thinking now so you remain a step ahead of competitors.

During the evening guests took 30 minutes to discuss some of the pain points of air travel, and imagine how the service could be re-designed to create a great customer experience. We split the customer journey into four stages, and proposed a new approach spanning airport arrival to baggage collection.

Is it time you took a new approach to your business challenges? Get in touch with us to discuss further.



Photo: Design Museum by Gareth Gardner

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