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Case Study

Integrating IT and operations to enhance customer experience.

Delivering change for a commercial lines insurance provider

A new system for complex products

A leading insurance provider with over ten million UK customers, was embarking on a significant IT programme to improve internal processes and enhance customer experience.

Requirements were being driven by a change in demand from brokers for a bespoke service to manage more complex products.

Gobeyond Partners were asked to ensure that the implementation was a success from an operational perspective.

Plans for the new system involved integrating a number of current but disparate systems through a single interface.

Aligned working practices

The project piloted operations management tools and techniques over a four month period, alongside IT system tests, using feedback to further refine the system.

Emails were analysed to create an effective workflow system, truly understanding work volumes and routes.

By using the same terminology and getting stuck in with report building, the project team could understand how underwriters would now manage their workload.

Pipeline reports were constructed so that the progress of new business could be quickly assessed and appropriate actions taken to ensure monthly targets were accomplished.

Team managers were trained and coached to support the performance of their team through these systems.

Frustration down, capacity up

Over 400 team members across the UK branch network were trained in the new ways of working.

The new reports enabled team managers to easily understand the work profile of their team. Together with daily reviews and performance measures, teams kept focus on the right work providing the highest value for customers, which as a result improved their experience.

The new ways of working enabled the teams to have greater control of the work, improving decision making and customer responsiveness. This visibly reduced team stress and frustration during the busiest month of the year. In particular the shared working practices across the functions improved customer service.

Daily practices were embedded to ensure teams continually enhance their capabilities through structured and effective routines.

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