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John Blincow awarded senior Lean qualification through OEE Consulting

Please note this article was published before OEE Consulting and gobeyond joined forces to become Gobeyond Partners.

John Blincow from Lloyds Banking Group has successfully completed his Lean Competency System (LCS) level 3 course, with coaching support from our Managing Director Mark Palmer.

John is currently Senior Manager Continuous Improvement in commercial banking at Lloyds, following roles across retail, commercial and group operations over the last 13 years.

John said the support from Mark had been “invaluable”, in particular through his thoughtful feedback, ability to access a broad network of change professionals, and expert subject knowledge.

Level 3 represents the highest accreditation possible by LCS; successful candidates demonstrate advanced Lean knowledge and leadership competence at a senior level. The assessment process includes three case studies of Lean implementation at a strategic level, a 4,000 word assignment on Lean thinking, and a panel presentation.

John tells us he chose the course because “it was with the number one Continuous Improvement (CI) accreditation body in the UK. I had support from Lloyds, who want to invest in people with CI leadership skills, and I plan to use my new skills to support my future career development. It was also hard to pass up the chance to work with Mark Palmer for a year, with access to OEE Consulting’s resources too.”

John’s case studies included projects to create an internal Continuous Improvement academy, return an operation to its original design intent of being centred on high levels of service, and engage with colleagues to deliver a simpler commercial bank.

Assignment on Lean in the digital age

John’s assignment was inspired by recommended reading from Mark: ‘The Second Machine Age’ by Eric Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. It sets digital as the third great leap in technology following the steam engine and electric motors, but argues many processes need to be completely re-organised in order to fully reap the benefits.

Using our networks John gathered data from 22 companies on their approach to innovation and Lean practices in the digital age. He concluded that many companies have significant work to do in order to effectively leverage the opportunities digital technologies present, by building flexible systems and adaptive, innovative, practices.

Benefits from the course

John cites his personal development in Lean and Agile thinking as key benefits from the course. As he builds new projects he will work to place Lean principles at the heart of all service design work.

His advice to those wondering whether to apply? “Don’t underestimate the work involved (it’s a considerable time commitment for a year) but it is well worth it to get this level of academically recognised accreditation.”

Lean training from OEE Consulting

Our Lean courses range from an introduction to the topic (level 1a) right through to strategic implementation for level 3 courses.

We are an accredited organisation with the Lean Competency System, certifying successful delegates and coaching senior leaders through strategic awards.

Our courses are built on insights gained from fifteen years’ practical experience implementing Lean projects in a variety of sectors so we can clearly explain each principle and use examples relevant to you and your team.

Find out more about our in-house Lean training, check dates for our next public courses, or contact us about Lean level 3 coaching.

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