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Case Study

A lesson in service improvement.

A higher level customer journey for graduates.

Delivering a top grade experience

One of the south of England’s fastest-growing universities was looking to review, understand and improve the customer journey its students experienced from their initial enquiry right through to qualifying. And faced with ever increasing admission fees, student demands had never been higher.

On top of the review, the university was about to invest in a new IT platform. One that would manage all student data throughout the customer journey, and ensure the processes required could be mapped into a functional requirement specification.

To be a success, the new program would need to deliver a tailored Service Excellence training program for all managers across the university. It would also need to create and transfer a methodology and toolset for university process owners to use in future improvement activities. Finally, it would need to run process-mapping and improvement workshops covering all core functions. No small task.

Training and brainstorming for the future

Our team of experts designed a bespoke Service Excellence training program to run alongside the university’s Student Excellence program. A training event was also arranged that brought together the university project team and administration managers from across the campus.

We conducted interviews with all key users and carried out a comprehensive review of student enquiry data and surveys. Information gathered, we could then suggest a number of improvements to the customer journey and workshop a proposed program to gauge its effectiveness.

These workshops involved all key users from the get-go. This ensured the school administration teams, central student services, program management and the ever vocal student union could all give their invaluable input.

Our team mapped out all the current processes and analysed them for improved student experience and ease of maintenance. From their findings they could then design, map and document future-state ‘to be’ processes.

Graduating with honours

From our Service Excellence training and process-mapping workshops we were able to deliver all user groups with an improved and agreed customer journey. One that would greatly improve every student’s experience from enquiry to qualification.

Our ‘to be’ designs for the admissions, assessment and enrolment processes were all developed into specifications. And to ensure seamless implementation a Service Excellence improvement guide and toolset was given to both the university program and continuous improvement teams.

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