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OEE Consulting accredits RBS in Design of Service Operations

Please note this article was published before OEE Consulting and gobeyond joined forces to become Gobeyond Partners.

RBS has become the first organisation to be accredited to Loughborough University’s Service Operating Model Skills Framework (SOMS) through OEE Consulting’s new Design of Service Operations training.


The Service Optimisation team from RBS with Dr Nicola Bateman, Loughborough University, and OEE Consulting’s David Stenbeck and Jonathan Tidd.

By developing the first academically audited training programme of its type, OEE Consulting can now train and accredit business leaders in the design of their service operations.

The programme helps leaders to design their business operations to reliably deliver their service proposition. This achieves the triple aims of improving customer experience, reducing costs and building long term competitive capability.

Carl Lloyd, Design & Transformation Lead, RBS, said:
“We were looking for a partner who could help us further develop the capability of our teams to transform operations for the benefit of our customers. The combination of OEE Consulting’s experience and creative approach to operating model design, coupled with the ability to accredit our people to Loughborough University’s Service Operating Model Skills framework, made their Design of Service Operations proposition an obvious choice.”

The Service Optimisation team at RBS have recently undertaken the Foundation and Practitioner training, which has seen them progressively accredited to Loughborough University’s new Service Operating Skills Framework (SOMS) framework.

Mr Lloyd continued: “We have now co-delivered Foundation and Practitioner training programmes to a well-structured framework.  The team feedback has been extremely positive and we have particularly valued the holistic multi-dimensional approach to change.  This will be invaluable for ensuring that both customers and internal teams see and feel the full benefits of transformation.”

The training and framework were developed in response to the demand for a standard approach to designing service operations.

Dr Nicola Bateman, Deputy Director Centre for Service Management, Loughborough University, said:
“The Centre for Service Management at Loughborough University developed the SOMS framework because there was a clear need for organisations to be able to train and accredit their people to design, implement and maintain operating models to an approved structure.

The framework we have developed takes into account insight from leading thinkers in the field and provides a uniquely holistic approach to designing service operations.

I am delighted that OEE Consulting is the first organisation to be successfully audited to train and accredit clients to both Foundation and Practitioner levels.  The training and framework has been developed from a significant amount of theory and practical experience, and we expect this approach to become industry best practice.”

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