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White Paper | Service in the Digital Age.

The mobile revolution is in full swing.

Fuelled by the relentless rise in tablet and smartphone usage, not only retail but also service businesses are seeing a surge in demand for service through mobile channels, or M-commerce. Statistics show that mobile usage overtook desktop and laptops in 2014 and continues to be on the increase. The response is a massive investment in Digitisation, the development of tablet-, mobile- and web-service offerings.

This shift to digital channels not only satisfies changing customer demand but also creates opportunities for truly disruptive new services and business models. It also creates new challenges for business, necessitating the development of new skills, processes and operating models.

Businesses are investing heavily in new channels and often building business cases upon assumptions of growth in market share or customer advocacy. However, only those that build truly effective end-to-end solutions for customers, where technology, process and people are fully integrated, will achieve their financial goals.

Digital has enabled some businesses to create disruptive models that are a real financial, and even existential threat in their markets. This paper examines the wider business implications of a digital strategy and looks holistically at the changes needed to respond to the challenge and to deliver on the digital promise. We outline a five-step process that you can follow to enhance the successful execution of your digital strategy.

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