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Case Study

Standardising and refining hotel operations.

A blueprint for high quality and consistent hotels.

Becoming the favourite value hotel

One of the UK’s leading hotel chains was making process improvements to its operation following a significant financial restructuring.

Gobeyond Partners was asked to look at ways to improve and standardise the customer experience, where there was a high variation in performance and a lack of standardisation in how their hotels were operating.

We focused on making it as easy as possible for the hotels to provide a high quality and consistent service.

Using some of their leading hotels in London, we ran a three week diagnostic investigating how the various teams were operating, piloting process improvements and then producing a rollout plan for use across the whole organisation.

Greater efficiency for operations

The diagnostic highlighted problems across different departments:

  • Reception: Ineffective handovers created 46% of all customer queries, with under-utilised teams idle for 15% of their time
  • Housekeeping: £107k annual overspend due to ineffective planning for work allocation
  • Food & Beverage: Stock take completed monthly and not linked to the ordering system resulting in excess levels of stock equating to £91k across the leading hotels
  • Hotel Managers: Only 15% of their time was spent managing people

Case Study: Refining Hotel Operations

Benefits for the whole organisation

After implementing quick wins during the pilot, we created a detailed rollout plan for their largest hotels, which projected:

£637k in benefits p/a

This was achieved through:

  • Saving 55k hours per year
  • Direct cost savings of £91k

The time saved will be reinvested into value-add activities. For instance, by creating a standard day for Hotel Managers we increased the time they spent on customer interaction, people management and operations management by 14%.

The internal team attended a three day Lean Awareness and Lean Practitioner course run by OEE Consulting to equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills to continue supporting process improvements across the organisation.

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