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Meet our team

From specialists in continuous learning to experienced operations leaders, our team of experts provide clarity, empathy and priceless common sense. Here are some of the core team:

James Rosenegk, Head of L&D | Learning & Development

Trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach with over 20 years of continuous improvement experience.
During his career in service delivery improvement, James has delivered upwards of $100M in organisational improvements. With over 20 years of direct experience in continuous improvement, his dynamic and engaging approach has delivered change across all organisational levels, from boardroom to front line. Working in both the private and public sector, he helps organisations and individuals realise they can directly improve the overall customer experience.

Olivia Belz, Business Executive | Learning & Development

Olivia oversees the whole L&D process from initial enquiry resourcing through to training delivery and follow up support. Responsible for day to day business administration and managing training logistics to ensure our clients have a seamless learning experience and leave fully equipped with the tools to succeed.

David Stenbeck, Principal Consultant | Learning & Development

Change specialist with international expertise across finance, energy and research.
David has specialised in change for over 17 years, during which time he has successfully established teams in over 60 organisations. His strategic mind set and extensive background in learning enables him to deliver important and complicated concepts with clarity, ensuring they can easily be applied in practice. His approach is engaging, energising and people-focused. A great motivator, David brings every client team with him to ensure they leave more skilled and better equipped.

Alex Molotnikoff, Principal Consultant | Learning & Development

Operations improvement leader, coach and trainer with experience across finance, IT, travel and energy.
With over twenty five years’ experience across challenging customer-facing, manufacturing, and consulting roles, Alex works with a clear focus on capability building and operational outcomes. His positive and challenging style generates high levels of employee engagement, complemented by his extensive coaching and teaching experience. His approach is analytical, pragmatic and supportive. Alex’s versatility has seen him thrive in a wide variety of business environments, including offshore and outsourcing organisations.

“Training was really interactive. The fact the trainer didn’t use PowerPoint really helped.”

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