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Lean Master

Advanced Technical Skills

Lean Master training focuses in depth on the technical and leadership skills required to drive change with the intent of supporting significant improvements, change leadership and stakeholder management. Successful completion of the programme equips delegates with the skills to lead improvement projects, convince people to undertake change and sustain improvements. This leads to enhanced performance, reduced cost and more satisfied customers.


Key course details

Course length: 6 days
Course times: 09:00–17:00
Number of places: Up to 15 delegates
Cost: £3,500 (ex. VAT) per person


What topics are covered?


Day 1 | Customer Driven Service Excellence

  • Knowing how to determine what value your organisation needs to focus on to enhance success
  • Understanding the importance of Moments of Truth
  • Understanding how customer effort is a key factor driving customer retention and growth
  • Understanding how to turn key customer drivers into customer focused Key Performance Indicators

Day 2 | Work Organisation and Design

  • Gaining an understanding of why operations is core to any organisation
  • Understanding the major stages of the designing a new operation
  • Defining what work organisation is and why it is so important to operations
  • Gain an awareness of different methodologies for organising and operations such as cellular processing

Day 3 | Planning

  • Understanding the importance of Capacity Planning and the critical steps to conduct it
  • Describing how to define resource capabilities and demand requirements
  • Understanding how to measure demand and adapt resources to meet it
  • Creating a simple yet effective Capacity Planning system

Day 4 | Quality Management

  • Creating the key elements of a Quality Management framework for any service
  • Defining and measuring quality
  • Understanding how to effectively prevent defects rather than controlling them after they occur
  • Using a range of tools to improve quality through service design, quality assurance and quality control

Day 5 | Project Management Fundamentals

  • Defining a high-level project approach, and understand the importance of the Plan, Do, Checking and Act cycle
  • Creating simple objectives and plans for team members to follow
  • Setting clear project roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the critical success factors that must be met to enhance project success

Day 6 | Stakeholder Management

  • Defining your key stakeholders, and key strategies used to manage them
  • Understanding the key stages people go through when faced with change
  • Understanding the key characteristics of highly-motivated staff
  • Gaining fundamental influencing skills to support and challenge people through change

Key outcomes

  • Improving your ability to design and deliver changes to your organisation
  • Enhancing your ability to create effective planning systems
  • Understanding how to enhance quality in your organisation
  • Understanding how to manage change projects simply
  • Gaining enhanced skills to manage stakeholders and influence their decisions

What are the assessment requirements?

  • Examination
  • Submission of a project portfolio
  • Interview on portfolio

Next available course dates

13 November 2019
12 places available
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