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Operational excellence and intelligent automation Operational excellence and intelligent automation

We have developed a structured, three-stage approach that consistently delivers results and helps futureproof your business against ongoing change.


OEE Consulting’s three-stage organisational effectiveness model

A disciplined approach to delivering practical change

When it comes to improving organisational effectiveness, engaging external help is often the best solution. We understand this can feel expensive and disruptive with no guarantee of success. At OEE Consulting we fully recognise these risks, which is why we have developed a structured, three-stage approach that consistently delivers results and helps futureproof your business against ongoing change.

The OEE difference

By concentrating our efforts on three core disciplines – focus, structure and resilience – we consistently deliver organisational efficiency and effectiveness to business leaders around the world.


We support you in focusing the energy of your leadership team on the things that matter most. No politics, no personal agendas, just common goals that deliver results. First we ensure your scorecards, change programmes, KPIs, incentives and departmental agendas are directly aligned with your strategy. Then, using a proven strategy mapping technique, we visualise and translate it into meaningful direction for your people. This helps you tackle the habitual behaviours that lead to misunderstanding, decreased motivation and poor customer service.


By maximising the effectiveness of your management layers we create an environment where everyone can do their job to the best of their ability. Key to achieving this is our proprietary approach to organisational design. We begin with the principle that each business unit and team should be as autonomous as possible and in touch with its customers. We then ensure that the systems, processes also support the front line’s ability to deliver outstanding value rather than getting in the way which is so often the case. By focusing work on the customer we can challenge traditional organisational design. Furthermore, setting up senior leader roles to manage horizontal flow delivers far greater productivity and revenue gains.


At OEE Consulting we believe continually learning from mistakes and missed opportunities is an important pillar of developing a resilient business. Using our expertise we help you build a robust and agile delivery system to deal with change both now, and in the future. A system that is supported through rapid feedback loops. One that helps you prioritise your ongoing commitments and gives you the information you need from the value chain to enhance a service or product.


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