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We work across all types of service organisations. The skills and capabilities we have developed can deliver support and results to almost any business.

Regulation. Competition. Customer expectations. No matter what challenges you face or what sector you operate in, we can help. We take time to listen and understand the real issues our clients face. It’s why we don’t simply look at the way they work, but the external factors influencing their organisation.

We also make sure that we leave a lasting impact. We fundamentally change organisation, people, and processes so that our clients can continue to apply our thinking to their challenges, long after we have left.

Banking & FS

Having worked with many of the industry’s leading brands, we understand the many challenges facing the banking sector. More importantly, we recognise why they exist.

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With a huge focus on delivering seamless student experiences, optimising resources and rationalising spend, we understand the pressure facing the education sector.

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We understand the tremendous pressure hospitals and health systems are under to thrive in a rapidly changing market. Operational efficiency is essential in achieving greater stability.

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High Tech Outsourcing

At OEE Consulting we understand the greatest pressure facing the managed services sector is that of cost. Or more specifically, the relentless pressure to constantly reduce price year on year.

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With new, dynamic entrants coming into the market, we understand the challenges large insurance firms face in terms of keeping up. The pressure for change has never been greater.

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Public Sector

We’re proud to have a long, successful and refreshingly transparent relationship with the public sector. Key to this is our awareness of the real issues our public sector partners face.

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We're working closely with retailers in increasingly challenging markets to enhance customer experience, deliver rapid innovation programmes and improve employee engagement.

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Travel & Transport

Equipment effectiveness is essential in any industry, however in the travel and transport sector it can easily be the difference between success and failure.

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The Service Excellence Network brings together like-minded organisations from across the service sector. Each is committed to improving operations, creating networking opportunities and providing access to insight and content contributors.

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