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Having worked with many of the industry’s leading brands, we understand the many challenges facing the banking sector: unwieldy business models, unnecessarily complex operating models; and an inability to turn big ideas into reality. More importantly, we recognise why these challenges exist. Intrusive regulation and hefty fines have led to a decline in profitability and top talent gravitating to other industries. Slow decision making and long development lead-times means more agile and specialised players are able to deliver better service at a lower cost.

Challenge accepted

Using our expert sector knowledge we deliver to our banking clients a range of positive and practical change programmes that help to retain the best industry talent. We deliver programmes that boost the cost income ratios increase customer satisfaction and improve employee wellbeing. Most importantly of all, our solutions have helped bring much needed stability back to the sector. The result of which hasn’t simply grown profits, it’s made it easier for our banking clients to keep their promises – that most priceless of commodities.

The results are in

Our work in banking has been extensive. From setting up an entirely new banking operations, to managing reductions in compliance breaches, and running large scale training programmes across multiple business units.

After the 2008 crash, we worked with the Bank of England to dramatically increase the capacity of their liquidity services teams. This helped them reach the unprecedented quantitative-easing requirements set out before them, assisting in restabilising the economy

Our work for Lloyds Bank has seen us support them in reducing their account management operations payroll cost base by 30% over three years, whilst we also developed a multi-functional approach to break down their culture of silos in the sales support areas. This saw a reduction of over 70% in product lead time, hugely increasing competitiveness.

Across the United States & Mexico we have worked with Citibank to improve their multichannel customer experience, in so doing helped them to achieve some vital strategic goals twelve months ahead of schedule.

Recently we have delivered successfully our proprietary Design of Service Operations training programme to senior managers within RBS – accrediting them to the Loughborough University framework.

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