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High Tech Outsourcing

Having worked with leading outsourcers across the world, we understand the many challenges facing this sector: the increasing pace of change driven by digital transformation and channel shift; the difficulties of achieving contract revenue and profit targets; the increasing sophistication and competitiveness of the market to win or renew contracts; and the need to develop higher-order skills and services as simple transactional work is automated. We observe businesses struggling to come to terms with a world where people, process and technology are increasingly inter-dependent.

The world has moved on from Transactional Outsourcing to High Tech Outsourcing.

High Tech Outsourcing businesses are developing entirely new operating models to enable them to bring a wide range of transformational solutions to bear on client accounts in an agile way. They are struggling with the make-or-buy decision for new technology services. And they are transforming while running an in-flight operation that is often struggling to meet service and cost targets.

Challenge accepted

Using our expert knowledge of service operations design, delivery and transformation, we help our High Tech Outsourcing clients to take major steps forward in contract performance. Our outcome-focused engagements deliver positive changes to contract profitability while building momentum towards contract renewal. We provide expertise at the centre of the people-process-technology challenge, delivering rapid operational results and helping to maximise the benefits of investment in change and transformation.

We focus on our clients’ clients and, through the lenses of customer journeys and human experience, create great stories of exceptional service at reduced cost. Along with changed working practices comes a new, customer-centric business culture and enhanced staff capability and engagement.

And all of this is done using a range of commercial models where we share the risk with our client, delivering results that pay back many times over the life of the contract, guaranteed.

The results are in

Our work in High Tech Outsourcing has been extensive and covered multiple client sectors, from Financial Services through Leisure, Healthcare and Defence to Central and Local Government. From designing an entirely new banking operation, to driving channel shift in key customer journeys, to developing operational capability across the globe, we have delivered results where other change and transformation initiatives have failed. We have a track record of helping clients return to the profitability curve that was promised at contract onboarding.

A three-year partnership with Atos has delivered an entirely new operating model and productivity growth of 25% at a return on investment of over 600% across the life of the contract. A similar relationship with another global outsourcer has repeatedly delivered fast and impactful results across contracts in the UK, North America, Europe and Africa.

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