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Case Study

Cheering football fans.

10% more customers

A leading Premier League football club was expanding its stadium, increasing capacity by 10%.

Office space was restricted, and couldn’t extend to match this growth.

The club therefore needed to grow the capability of their team to match this increased demand.

They also wanted to use this opportunity to make further improvements to their customer experience performance.

Three projects were used in combination by Gobeyond Partners to empower their people with new skills and approaches to problem solving, with training tailored to meet the club’s specific needs.

Enhanced capabilities

  • Lean training
    Everyone attended a half day Lean Awareness session, whilst eight team members were further trained to reach Lean Competency System accredited status. This enabled the team to start confidently running their own team based problem solving, through team huddles and mode focused improvement projects.
  • Operations Management
    Team managers were coached in techniques to improve performance with new workflow measures. Structured practices were introduced to ensure continual improvement.
  • Process User Groups
    Teams were engaged in identifying opportunities for improving processes through Process User Groups. They focused on mapping the steps for two key processes to improve customer experience, membership packs and website registrations, and removing steps that added no value to the customer.

A greater fan experience

Despite the increased demand due to a larger stadium, customer experience was improved. In particular, the average email response rate was reduced from over two days to less than one day.

The Process User Groups also delivered membership pack and website registrations improvements equivalent to the work of two and a half full-time people.

There were broader improvements for the whole department with a new clarity for daily allocated duties and engagement in team based problem solving.

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