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Transforming Your Future

We understand that the reasons for learning about Lean can vary greatly. For some it’s an opportunity for self-driven development. For others it’s a necessary requirement as part of their job. While some even see it as an opportunity for a change of career direction. Whatever the reason, our accredited public training courses provide the perfect opportunity to advance your skills.

Available in modules of one, two or three days, all of our Lean training follows the structured Lean Competency Systems development path. From the absolute basics through to technical excellence, there are currently six stages of development with each acknowledged by an academically recognised qualification. Currently we offer accreditation from Level 1a (Lean Awareness) to Level 3 (Lean Master).

Different by design

Our unique Lean courses have been developed by our own operations experts. Dedicated trainers who understand the real issues you face having overcome similar challenges themselves in their previous roles. They also believe learning should never lead to yawning. So out goes PowerPoint, in comes a series of interactive activities that support effective learning. From solving case studies and group exercises to experiential exercises, every session is designed to be enjoyable and engaging in equal measure.

For us, Lean Service isn’t simply about tools and techniques. It’s developing a cohesive understanding of how the thinking can be applied. It’s about creating enthusiasm, energy and the motivation to make a real difference in the work place. To help ensure the latter each course has clear learning objectives, while every attendee leaves with a detailed workbook to enable them to instantly apply what they’ve learnt back in the office. Our public training sessions also offer the opportunity to learn and share experiences with people from different organisations and sectors.

To explore the next steps in your career development, simply visit our public training page.

“I really enjoyed the course, particularly the interactive aspects. I was kept focused and engaged throughout.”

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