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Bespoke Training

We’ve never been fans of a one-size-fits-all approach. Creating sustained change requires clever, creative solutions that are tailored to each client. We believe the same should apply to training. It’s why we offer bespoke courses that are built to your exact specification and budget.

At your request

| Unique location
Our goal has always been to deliver the most effective and memorable training possible. As such, we pride ourselves in being flexible and receptive to every request. If a client wants to come to our offices for their training, we’ll be holding the door open when they arrive. If they want a countryside retreat for the day, we’ll source the most idyllic setting. Should they wish to put five-star dining on the menu, we’ll find the perfect place to book. So if you have a specific vision for your training, don’t be shy about putting our organisational skills to the test.

A touch more personal

| Tailored training

Where additional Lean support and expertise is required, we can combine our training with tailored on-site project support. A perfect example of this is when an organisation assigns a project to a team member trained in Lean in order to gain accreditation. Our bespoke, practical help not only helps them achieve this recognition, but also ensures all learnings can be quickly put into place to deliver real results and effective change.

However it’s not simply our approach we can tailor. We can edit courses, incorporate sector specific examples, adapt exercises and even change the branding on materials to align perfectly to your organisation or programme.

Great minds like a think

| Post-training facilitation

We believe that it’s altogether better when everyone works together. It’s why we provide a service dedicated to facilitating post-training workshops. Ideal for those working on Lean projects, these highly collaborative workshops provide the perfect opportunity for trained team members to exchange ideas, get advice and form an internal group that supports one another.

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