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In-house Training

At Gobeyond Partners we believe effectiveness can be improved before our training even begins. We start by establishing the most cost-effective way of delivering our courses, which in many cases is on-site. If your organisation has eight or more delegates to train and can provide a suitable training room, it makes sense for our trainers to come to you. All required training equipment and materials will be delivered in advance and you’ll receive the exact same interactive and engaging training. Only without all the travel and subsistence costs.

While the content of our in-house training may be near identical to that of our public training, there are several benefits to consider. Many delegates find in-house training less intimidating and as such find it easier to take on board the content. An in-house course also allows you to focus your colleagues on a particular challenge your organisation is facing. As former operations leaders, our trainers can even work with you to tailor the experience to your specific business challenges. This not only helps focus thinking, but can often provide an almost instant return on training investment.

While the location and themes of our in-house training may constantly change, our delivery approach remains resolutely the same. No PowerPoint. No one-sided lectures. Just a wide selection of interactive, highly engaging courses that use a variety of participative exercises.

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