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Transforming Customer Journeys

What are your customers looking for, and are you delivering it?

It doesn’t matter whether you call them customers, patients, students, or clients.

Understanding the true journey to fulfil their needs not only gives you an insight into the experience you’re delivering, but can also be the key to unlocking competitive advantage for your business.

Unfortunately, achieving this is not quite as simple as it sounds: how do you know where the journey starts and ends, whether you are considering the right channels, or ensuring that the experience is actually appropriate to expectations?

We will guide you through our definitive approach to customer journeys, helping you to understand how to gain that competitive edge.

“Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience”

Key areas that will be covered:

  • Why many companies are failing to deliver true customer journey transformation
  • The key to aligning your value proposition with your customer’s requirements
  • How to properly use customer journey mapping to achieve meaningful insight
  • Where to look in order to unlock potential value, and the business implications this is likely to have

This one-day course for senior leaders will set the context for customer journeys and their transformative power, drawing on examples of the hard benefits which a good customer journey can deliver.

Training can be delivered at your offices for larger internal audiences, or public training can be booked online for single delegates.

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